Time for the Fair Episode 13

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After his experiences during the Summer of Love in the last episode, Billy finds himself at the CNE 20 years earlier.

I play, Robbie the Misfit Zombie,  one of my new songs written for February Album Month.  You can follow my progress there at http://fawm.org/fawmers/ductapeguy/.


The Story so Far is read by Phil Mills, a filk musician and songwriter from Toronto who I met through February Album Writing Month.  I play Phil’s song, Talk to Strangers from his album Mix Until Absurd which is available on Bandcamp.


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Musical Interlude 1969

In Episode 12 of Time for the Fair, Billy enjoys a day at the CNE in 1969 which includes a Monkees concert.  Although Time for the fair is a fictional fantasy story, The Monkees did perform at the CNE on August 25, 1969– two days after the events in the story.  It’s great writing historical fantasy– you can tweak the dates a bit.


Here are some silent clips from the Monkee’s performance at the CNE in 1969, and a couple musical numbers that they may have played at the show as Billy and family watched on.  Stay tuned for chapter 13 of Time for the Fair this weekend.

Silent Clips from the CNE archives

… and a little music 

Time for the Fair Episode 12

By NBC Television. The photo was also used to answer fan mail during the height of their popularity. The card had no copyright marks either. (eBay front back eBay card front card back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsIn this episode, Billy finds himself spending a day at the fair with Rainbow Starflower, Bobby and Pops during the summer of love… and they meet these four guys.

I play Geek Love Song by Debs and Errol, a Toronto Geek Band and the masterminds behind geekbands.ca .  Last Month, Debs and Errol announced that they are disbanding.  They will be having a Farewell Concert on Saturday March 7 at the ROUND Venue in Toronto.


The Story So Far is read by Jennifer Kerr, from the Midland Cultural Centre.  The MCC has become the hub for arts and culture for my family and our community.

Now, it’s time for the fair…


Time for the Fair Episode 11

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In this week’s episode, Billy spends a day at the fair as he’s never seen it with the 13 year old version of his grandfather.


I’m gearing up to participate in my third February Album Writing Month, so I play on of my FAWM songs from last year.

The story so far this week is read by Catholic Blogger and author,  Sarah Reinhard from snoringscholar.com.  She had some technical difficulties with her recording equipment, so her voice echoes a bit.

Now, it’s time for the fair.


Sarah Reinhard’s Books
SarahReinhard-books: Catholic Family Fun, Welcome Baby Jesus, Welcome Risen Jesus, A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy

Time for the Fair Episode 10

"Větruše, zrcadlové bludiště" by ŠJů, Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:V%C4%9Btru%C5%A1e,_zrcadlov%C3%A9_bludi%C5%A1t%C4%9B.jpg#mediaviewer/File:V%C4%9Btru%C5%A1e,_zrcadlov%C3%A9_bludi%C5%A1t%C4%9B.jpgThe story so far is read by Drew Beatty, author of White Trash Land, Lost Gods, and several short stories.


In this week’s episode, Billy enters the one place at the fair he dared not go.



Time for the Fair Episode 9

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In this week’s episode, we discover what’s up with Aunt Sue and all those names.


The story so far is read by podcaster, cartoonist, and author Daniele Rossi from Stuttering is Cool.

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Now, It’s Time for the Fair…

Time For the Fair Episode 8

cc Andrew Dunn via WikimediaThe Story So Far this week is read by Douglas Mumphrey, independent author of the Hunter’s Navy science fiction series.