About Time for the Fair

Hi. I’m Sean, a podcaster, singer-songwriter, teacher, longtime librivox volunteer and dad in Midland, Ontario, Canada. I’m known as ductapeguy all over the interwebz, mostly because I wrote a song about duct tape and it stuck. In 2013, I participated in 2 songwriting challenges: February Album Writing Month and the Fifty Songs in Ninety Days Challenge. In all I wrote 49 songs in 2013.  That is more than the total songs I had written in the past 20 years.

Late September 2013, my eighth grade daughter presented me with a challenge I could hardly refuse. She said that if I participated in National November Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo), then she would as well. We both completed our first novels!  Hooray!  We documented the journey on our blog: We’re Writing What?

My Novel is entitled, Time for the Fair.  Here is how it came to be.  Last summer, I entered a contest to become one of 10 official CNE bloggers. I was successful and my family spent over a week enjoying all that the Canadian National Exhibition has to offer. My daughter and I also went to our first FanExpo dressed as Dr. Who characters. In late September, my daughter gave me a challenge I could not refuse- “If you do Nanowrimo, I will do Nanowrimo”.

My novel idea sprang from a combination of all the good times we had together this summer. It is about a boy (Billy) who goes to the CNE and finds himself travelling through the history of the fair and unable to get back to his home timeline. The one sentence pitch “It’s a time travel story that take place mostly on the grounds of the EX”.

It was my first time attempting to tell a novel-length story. I drew from all sorts of other time travel stories including The Oddyssey, Back to the Future, Dr. Who, Bill and Ted, a couple of Lewis Shiner’s books, Forrest Gump and more.

Last winter and this summer I polished and edited the story and recorded it for podcasting.  I hope you enjoy it.



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