Time For the Fair Chapter 1


After a little over a year of alternating preparations and procrastination, here are the first two chapters of my original podcast novel, Time for the Fair.

I will be releasing an episode weekly for about 5 months. You can follow along by visiting https://sean.mcgaughey.ca/timeforthefair or you can subscribe to the story in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher at http://feeds.feedburner.com/TimeForTheFairPodcastFeed. Hopefully, I should have a listing in the iTunes podcast directory by next week. Starting next week, I will have guest authors read a brief recap of ‘The Story So Far’ and feature promos for some great indie fiction.

I welcome any feedback or volunteers to read, ‘The Story So Far’ in the comments on the blog, or send an email to ductapeguy@gmail.com.

In this week’s episode we meet Billy MacCauley, his father Robert, his Aunt Sue, and his grandfather Pops. The family is grieving the loss of Billy’s mother to cancer the previous spring. Billy wants to bring a bit of normal family life for one day.

Settle into your favorite chair now, It’s Time for the Fair…

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